Thursday, November 25, 2010

Best all around pocket camera

The Canon G12 is the best all-around pocket camera. If you need something that you can travel with and not have to worry about size or looking like a professional, but yet need pro pictures, this is all you need. It also doubles as a video camera, and is the best professional camera in compact size that you can get. If I am out and around, I would rather carry this camera and get the picture versus not having a camera or SLR with me. I recommend this camera because I have the G11, and for me, upgrading from the G11 to the G12 is not worth it. But if I were to get a brand new compact camera and I did not have the G11, I would definitely get the G12 over the G11. The G12 has HD video and special effects, in addition to many other cool extras. I just love the swivel screen if you need to shoot difficult shoots, self portraits or home videos this is the perfect camera for you.

Do not try to save money and get it at a discount on eBay or other websites. The small pocket change will not be worth it if you cannot return a defective product. Amazon is the best in the business and has amazing prices. Get this camera now while it is on sale this week.

This camera is very popular among professional photographers. A lot use this as a backup to a professional DSLR and some even dare shoot a wedding with this camera. Reason for that is superior image quality and you can even attach a full size external flash on its hotshoe. It is so good that some refuse to get the new models and still want the out of print original the G10. A new two years old G10 now is 1/3 more expensive then a brand new G12.

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