Monday, November 29, 2010

Only laptop you will ever need

Macbook Air Slim
You got the camera but now you need to edit your photos, it looks like you need another computer but which one. Out of all the computers this is your best bet, it has enough memory to store your videos and photos plus it has solid state hard drive which means no more losing all your precious memories because of hard drive failure. It will just never again happen. It also comes with iphoto the best and easiest photo editing program around.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

All purpose lens for your DSLR

All purpose lens for your DSLR
Canon makes 100's of lens and getting one can be very confusing. If you are just got your first Canon DSLR do not use the kit lens. The kit lens has a few major faults which include very bad image resolution, limited zoom factor and cheap plastic constructions that will render the lens useless after heavy use.

The 28-135 is the perfect lens for anyone who is just starting out. Reason for that are simple first you can a built in image stabilizer if you are new into photographer you will notice a lot more keeper images especially when it comes to action and low light shots. This lens also sports a very impressive zoom and if you need more zoom it will cost you nearly $1000 to get a better zoom lens. Image quality nearly equals the L 24-105 lens that cost about $1020. This is a great lens for you if you need a zoom lens, it is good for events, people and take images on your next vacation. This is a jack of all trades lens it does everything well but nothing great but if you are starting out very few lens can beat this lens in terms of cost per dollar.

If you are getting this lens do not forget to add a filter. If you got expensive lens this is your insurance against damaging the lens the only protection that you can get. It is much better breaking a $12 filter if some object hits it or the lens accidentally falls down then break a $400 lens. Other uses of the filter include protecting your lens from being scratched and makes it so much easier to clean the lens. Please note amazon gives you the wrong filter that wont fit this lens you need a 72mm UV filter. Reason is that UV is nearly like getting a clear filter but it also filters UV light that the camera sees as haze.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

In need of a good battery charger?

If you need a good battery charger, get this one. It is easy to use and has an indicator that tells you when the battery already is charged fully or is defective. It has four different charging speeds, and best of all, you can recharge four AAA or AA batteries. I recommend it because I use it. I think it's great for keeping the flash or other AA equipment running smoothly.

La Crosse Technology BC-700 Alpha Power Battery Charger

If you also need AA batteries get the Powerex AA 2700 they are more powerful and last months longer then regular AA disposable batteries, since they are rechargeable you can have them go for years before needing a new replacement.

Powerex AA 2700mAh NiMH Rechargeable Batteries w/holder- 4 Batteries Per Pack

Friday, November 26, 2010

An incognito Camera bag

Why do I need this, you might ask? The reason is simple--you need a camera bag to store your gear and protect it from harm, and yet it should look like a regular bag so as not to attract thieves. Another reason is more simple--if you have expensive gear, it needs a place with padding to protect it from minor bangs and even rain. The bags below also have a slot that you can use to store your laptop, so consider this like buying insurance for your equipment.

Below is probably the best bag you can get for the money. It has good protection for your camera and a few lenses, and for storing your laptop. You can also fit your lunch and still have room to store coffee. It is great for everyday use and photo expeditions. It looks like a school bag for a reason--it won't attract thieves or unwanted attention. For those that love compartments, this has plenty and it comes in many cool colors. Take it on your next safari adventure.

James Bond Camera the Canon S95

Best in Class the Canon S95

James Bond would kill to get his hands on this camera. It is stealthy in size and you can take it to places that you just would not risk having a flashy camera.

If I had to recommend one camera for everyday use, this would be it. While not as sophisticated as the G12 and missing most of its advanced functions and bells and whistles, it shines because of its size. It is about the size of a slim cell phone and it takes amazing low light pictures. It is so good that some of its images I got published on, and they are making me money as we speak. I got to test drive this camera and I recommended that my girlfriend buy it.

It is great for everyday use and it has a fun dial that you can custom set for any function. It even has an HD movie mode. The price is steep, but you are paying for quality and a metal body. Any top level Canon has a great resale value, and some of the cameras in the top range can go up in price once they are out of print. Check out the Canon G10 for reference.

If that is a little too much, then get last year's model. The s90 is last year's model with a slightly inferior video mode. If you do not need video, get the s90. If you want to save even more money, get a refurbished model at your own risk.

An SLR for just about anyone

If you want to own a pro entry level Digital SLR, I recommend you get the Canon 60D. It is best to get the latest model, as technology changes and you get the most for your money, rather than getting an older model that no one wants and whose picture quality just is not up to top notch. Apart from that, the 60D can shoot HD videos and has a very cool back screen that you can swivel around and get pictures that years ago it was just impossible to take. As for picture quality, I recommend you get a good lens, as a good camera only is as good as its lens.

If you want to save money and don't need HD video, settle for the T1i.

If you also need a video camera, buy the T2i, as you get both a camera and video for one nice price. Please note thst both T2i and T1i are older models.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Best all around pocket camera

The Canon G12 is the best all-around pocket camera. If you need something that you can travel with and not have to worry about size or looking like a professional, but yet need pro pictures, this is all you need. It also doubles as a video camera, and is the best professional camera in compact size that you can get. If I am out and around, I would rather carry this camera and get the picture versus not having a camera or SLR with me. I recommend this camera because I have the G11, and for me, upgrading from the G11 to the G12 is not worth it. But if I were to get a brand new compact camera and I did not have the G11, I would definitely get the G12 over the G11. The G12 has HD video and special effects, in addition to many other cool extras. I just love the swivel screen if you need to shoot difficult shoots, self portraits or home videos this is the perfect camera for you.

Do not try to save money and get it at a discount on eBay or other websites. The small pocket change will not be worth it if you cannot return a defective product. Amazon is the best in the business and has amazing prices. Get this camera now while it is on sale this week.

This camera is very popular among professional photographers. A lot use this as a backup to a professional DSLR and some even dare shoot a wedding with this camera. Reason for that is superior image quality and you can even attach a full size external flash on its hotshoe. It is so good that some refuse to get the new models and still want the out of print original the G10. A new two years old G10 now is 1/3 more expensive then a brand new G12.