Sunday, November 28, 2010

All purpose lens for your DSLR

All purpose lens for your DSLR
Canon makes 100's of lens and getting one can be very confusing. If you are just got your first Canon DSLR do not use the kit lens. The kit lens has a few major faults which include very bad image resolution, limited zoom factor and cheap plastic constructions that will render the lens useless after heavy use.

The 28-135 is the perfect lens for anyone who is just starting out. Reason for that are simple first you can a built in image stabilizer if you are new into photographer you will notice a lot more keeper images especially when it comes to action and low light shots. This lens also sports a very impressive zoom and if you need more zoom it will cost you nearly $1000 to get a better zoom lens. Image quality nearly equals the L 24-105 lens that cost about $1020. This is a great lens for you if you need a zoom lens, it is good for events, people and take images on your next vacation. This is a jack of all trades lens it does everything well but nothing great but if you are starting out very few lens can beat this lens in terms of cost per dollar.

If you are getting this lens do not forget to add a filter. If you got expensive lens this is your insurance against damaging the lens the only protection that you can get. It is much better breaking a $12 filter if some object hits it or the lens accidentally falls down then break a $400 lens. Other uses of the filter include protecting your lens from being scratched and makes it so much easier to clean the lens. Please note amazon gives you the wrong filter that wont fit this lens you need a 72mm UV filter. Reason is that UV is nearly like getting a clear filter but it also filters UV light that the camera sees as haze.

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